The 100 Season 2 finale: The first dose is the Hardest, the second dose is the deadly!


As always promised in an episode of The 100, there is always bloodshed, and on many occaision death.
This is NOT a predictable show and you can never tell which way it’s going to go and who will live to see another day. For those of you who have yet to see this final or it’s part 1 and do NOT wish to read spoilers, then look no further. For those others who wish to delve into the belly of the beast, read on soldier.

After the events of Blood Must Have Blood Part 1, Part 2 follows on with Lexa’s people retreating completely and a few left who stayed behind to try and get into Mount Weather. It’s not that hard when Bellamy opens the door for Clarke and Octavia who are having some harsh words. It is clear that O has a lot of anger in her, specifically towards Clarke, and after feeling like she had become a part of the ‘Tree People’ and then having Indra revoke it almost seconds after has got to leave a girl who has never really felt she fit in anywhere, feeling bitter and hurt, but seeing her brother seems to make her forget about those troubles. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that look that Bellamy gives Clarke? Be still our beating hearts, that is without a doubt the look of love and relief, and is it just us… or is it retaliated? We think so!

The surprises keep coming with Clarke’s mom and Kane turning up with a few others, but not in the way we would hope. How on earth did they manage to get captured? We saw Raven and her new sort of honey (phwoar, the swoon level is high) at the end of the first part, but the rest remain a mystery. Now strung up in what looks like a dungeon each one taking turns to be drilled into for that all important bone marrow that will help the people of MT. Weather walk on the ground again. Killing the sky people slowly one by one to achieve what they need to. Cage has a mission and he will not stop until he has what he wants.
He is a man of many things, his pride drives him, his ego sustains him and his ability to counter attack is something to admire, to him it is war, it is a game, and neither side is willing to stand down. You hurt Cage? He’ll hurt you twice as hard with added leverage, something Clarke gave up too quickly when she had Cage’s father a prisoner only to kill him when demands weren’t met. Something she never thought through as she watched on the monitors as Cage had her mother drilled into. If we thought Abby was mad, well she has another reason to be, Clarke signed her death warrant in blood even if she survived, but even a mother couldn’t be angry at her daughter for doing what she thought was best.

She has a lot of blood on her hands lately, Finn (out of mercy), Many of the people from Ton DC when she decided to let the bomb drop without so much as telling anyone but Lexa, The President of MT. Weather to punish his son for not meeting her demands and then some. She has been the bearer of tough decisions ever since this alliance was started, easily led by Lexa who is like the conscience on her shoulder whispering in her ear, but one particular turn around was Bellamy helping her kill many to save others along with the help of super hacker Monty (who no doubt is a genius in his own right). There is nothing more stressful and emotionally hard to watch than your family being tortured, or hurt and he knows this, so when Clarke’s plan to let in radiation is in motion, he doesn’t agree, until… Octavia is caught by no fault of her own. Her and Maia are both stumbled upon and guards are alerted, Octavia’s growth shows in her skill as she takes down two guards whilst trying to escape. “My sister, My responsibility” Says Bellamy as he watches over the camera’s, the worry in him clear and his promise to her when she had just been born coming back into play, and Clarke who looks distraught herself has to make this tough choice. “I have to save them” she tells him, and here come even more Bellarke feels as fans relish in the simplest of touches between these two characters, and with one word and that touch there is no going back. “Together” he tells her, and they both pull the lever which will end the people of MT. Weather. A tough decision, but a burden they can both share together, which will no doubt make this even more interesting.

But not as interesting as Jasper and Monty’s friendship going down the pan over this decision. Of course Maia is one of the many casualties of this act and so Jasper, who even told Maia he was in love with her is distraught when she dies in his arms (you’ll need tissue’s no matter how many times you watch it, this scene in particular is a tearjerker).

The reunions even more so filled with tears, with huge speculations that Kane could be Bellamy’s father lurking in the shadows – is it true? Could it be? Well let’s not worry about that just yet, we have other things to worry about like Cage’s escape and the red drug he has with him that he happily taunts Lincoln with. Something this show is capable of is showing reality in a situation that needs to be shown. It’s ok to act like you are cured from a drug, but a habit like that doesn’t just go away. Something the writer’s do well in this show is give us a hard dose of the truth, and Lincoln a big dose of the red stuff that turned him into a reaper; but the real triumph here is Lincoln’s triumph as he turns it around and finally ends Cage in what could be the best way ever. Remember what Cage told him when he first dosed him with that red drug? “The first dose is the hardest” well let’s say that Lincoln has his sweet revenge and even gets to stick it to the man with his own line. Nothing made us cheer harder than that moment.

There are many more reunions after that, but a shocking goodbye. Bellarke fans beware, this goodbye is the one we never saw coming and the one that made us weep for many hours after it had happened. There are still some sobs roaming around the building as we recall that hug, that kiss on the cheek and the forgiveness that was given as Bellamy begged Clarke to stay. Yes we said it, Clarke has gone and we have a right mind to guess that it’s to Lexa, for escape, despite what the leader of the grounders did back at MT. Weather. Though we won’t know exactly if our theories are right until series 3, we assume that we’re wrong until then, because the writers never go the way as predicted; something we admire.

There is one journey throughout this two part final however that has been left unsaid and that’s of Jaha and Murphy. A fabulous pairing that we never thought would happen after everything. It was an unlikely event that we are glad happened. On their way to the city of light there were casualties, but most importantly persistence. Murphy actually stood the course and though he was bitten by some sea monster that looked like an earth worm with shark like teeth he made it to shore. Jaha had journeyed on leaving him behind at the light beacon that drew them in. Only to wake up and find a solar panel which helped him find the lighthouse entrance and along with it a bunch of cool stuff and a suicide tape with a guy confessing to something left unsaid. Meanwhile Jaha stumbles across a mansion and artificial life in the form of a hollowgram. The scene felt like something out of the first Resident Evil movie, set in the backdrop of the Stanley Hotel from the shining as it was revealed why Jaha made this journey only to be told in the final scene that they have work to do.

With a confirmed season 3 we’re all excited to see where these loose ends take us, we have so many questions and many theories that over the next few months will leave us needing more in the midst of withdrawals from one of our favourite shows. But alas it is worth the wait, with this explosive ending and a wonderful two parter at that, it’s safe to say that The 100 is not only one of the best shows on current TV, but it is also ahead of the game in the storytelling department. And one thing can be said about this particular final double act; The first dose is the hardest, the second dose is deadly!


Who is Big ‘A’? Pretty Little Liars finale promises to be a twist.

On March 24th, Pretty little liars fans will finally know the face and name of the notorious villain ‘A’, who has tortured the liars for the past 3 seasons after stealing the torch from Mona. I. Marlene King, the showrunner and producer of PLL has been teasing us for many years, and names this new ‘A’ Big A, in many a tweet to fans, stating that Mona was little ‘A’. She promises it will be big, and if we know this lovely lady as well as we think we do, we know she’ll have something explosive up her sleeve that will blow all of our minds.
For now though, whilst we wait, we can only speculate on who ‘A’ is, and everyone in Rosewood is a suspect, but there can only be so many before we start to go back around in that inevitable circle of ’Who is it?” so without further adieu here is a possible top ten suspects.


10. Caleb Rivers


Though we highly doubt that this guy could be ‘A’, everyones a suspect, and who better to suspect than the guy who knows how to Hack like a professional and break into storage lockers. He’s smarter than he let’s on, and knows a thing or two about playing games. And how convenient that he couldn’t break into Mona’s firewalls, yet we know he has the skills. Could he be ‘A’? Do we think Caleb has it in him to put his beloved Hannah behind bars after framing her along with Ali?

9. Ezra Fitz


The dashing teacher who fell in love with a student, only to have plenty of secrets of his own. He has come under suspicion before and though his shady act was explained and all was forgiven there is still one thing that bugs us; that ‘A’ who knows everything never exposed Ezra early on in the game. Surely the notorious ‘A’ would have known about past ties to Ali and the book he was writing, and we all know how ‘A’ hates to be put in the spot light. So it’s safe to say that Ezra who has never really been on our villains hitlist should have been considering he was digging into the game in the first place. So why didn’t ‘A’ gun for him? Well maybe he IS A! PS. Wouldn’t he have evidence of his own that could clear up a lot of messes for our liars?

8. Jenna Marshall


She has always been one of the favourites to be considered ‘A’ after all she has had plenty of motive what with Ali torching her house and leaving her blind. And though she keeps disappearing and reappearing she seems oddly scared of her own shadow, but then as we have learned in Rosewood; looks can be deceiving and maybe Jenna has been a hell of a chess player and actress. Could she actually have stolen the game from Mona or is she just another pawn in ‘A’s game? Maybe she’ll come back to surprise us all in that promised explosive finale.

7. Jason DiLaurentis


Seems like an unlikely option, but then there is so much to this guy that we don’t know. However some fun facts are, that he generally has a huge dislike of Ali and her friends, and maybe just maybe after the years of torment his sister put him through he’s up for a feast of revenge. (Plus we’d like to think that ‘A’ could inevitably be a man). There is just something about Jason that makes us shiver and we can’t quite make out what that is.

6. Mike Montgomery


Oh, bless the universe for such a fine looking guy. Those abs could make girls weep for days, and we will be weeping for months if it turns out that this cutie knows how to play the ‘A’ game better than his predecessor. After all he did date her. As of late he has been a key player in it, and suspicions have been raised and remain high on our level of suspicion. Wouldn’t it be easy to throw suspicion off by tampering with your own gym equipment? Could he really know his sister and her friends /THAT/ well?

5. Toby Cavanaugh


It’s a long shot, but Toby was a part of the A clan when Mona was in charge. Whose to say he never actually stole the game all together. No one would think to look at Toby who is knee deep in Liarsville and dating one of the Liars, but he’s also a cop. But what better way to hide yourself than in the most unthinkable place. He’d have access to all that information, and as of late he’s oddly distant from Spencer, and we think it might not be just to protect her.

4. Detective Holbrook.


He has always been under suspicion and he still remains under that radar even in his absence. It’s hard to shake the feeling that this guy is quite happily lurking in the shadows and pulling all the strings like the towns people of Rosewood are his personal puppets. He has the means, has the knowledge and probably plays chess better than the world champion. Could he be Varjack? Plus there has always been something sinister and dark lurking behind that smile. Holbrook is definitely dodgy.

3. Andrew Campbell


Conveniently around when a situation is about to get out of hand. And was it just us, but did Syrus look at Andrew with a little fear in his eyes, if not recognition outside that dive bar? There is plenty of circumstantial evidence against this fella, and we have a feeling that there is an ulterior motive beneath that gorgeous smile. He’s quite knowledgeable too, no one would suspect the all rounder with a good GPA and heading to a great college.

2. Alison DiLaurentis


Ah Alison has always been one of the most obvious answers, there has never been a season where we haven’t suspected her of anything. Like she was talking from beyond the grave to the liars, to actually being alive and hiding in the shadows. She is the queen of Lies and secrets and she knows exactly how to use them. She is of course behind bars, but whose to say that actually this was her end game all along. Play it like the victim (which she knows how to do oh so well) and then strike whilst your frenemies backs are turned along with their suspicions. Could Ali, after all this time, be Big ‘A’?

1.One of the Liars.


I have never really heard anyone mention the possibility that one of our Pretty Little Liars could be considered as ‘A’. Why is that? Isn’t it plausible that this whole time, right beneath our noses and our distracted minds (which the writers are very VERY good at) that one of the Liars liked the game too much and took the crown from Mona? Why wouldn’t they? Maybe beneath that loyalty there is something else brewing. Maybe it’s jealousy? Maybe it’s just a love of the game, or maybe something sinister runs deep in one of our liars.
Could it be sweet, kind Emily Fields?
Headstrong, and beautiful Aria Mongomery?
Strong, independent woman Hannah Marin?
Or Smart, calculating, competitive Spencer Hastings?

Remember, everyone in Rosewood has a motive somewhere, including our Liars. Have a theory? Let us know.

Save the date 24/3/2015 Big ‘A’s on borrowed time. xx -A

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale.

The Liars of PLL.

The Liars of PLL.

Let’s talk about Pretty Little Liars and it’s Summer Finale, let’s specifically talk about how well it was executed with plenty of twists, turns, plottings and possible outcomes for the promised Death of a beloved character in the end nothing could have prepared us for those final scenes of Episode 12; ironically titled ‘Taking this one to the grave’.


Season 5 started off with a bang as Ali returned with many lies and many stories. We have seen many things over this season including the possibility that Melissa and other’s were in fact the mysterious ‘A’.
Speculation has been far and wide over each series’ from Crazy Mona to the dashing Mr. Fitz, at least half of Rosewood has come under suspicion (more than once) for the role of the fab-four best friends’ tormentor, but now the stakes have risen with Alison DeLaurentis back in the picture and as the friends turn their back on their unofficial and unspoken leader it gets even more daring.

Hannah for some time over the last few episodes has been having what she describes as ‘Bad thoughts’ in this case it was the idea that Alison could in fact be ‘A’ and that she could have been all along, and she is not the only one to have had those thoughts.

The first scene we see before the episode rewinds thirty-six hours is Hannah, Aria, Ezra and Emily all standing outside a house, we don’t know whose house all we know is that the friends all look a little in shock, and there is the presence of Police on site – Now we know this is the crime-scene but with Spencer not present we could almost worry that it was her in that house – couldn’t we?

Rewind the amount of time stated before and we see Alison being interogated but this time with a lie detector test. Which begs the question… why? One can only recall something in a previous episode said by Mona “Once she’s done with me she’ll be coming after all of you”, so what exactly is Alison’s plan?
Well even the Liars are as completely in the dark as we are, and the episode see’s all of them clubbing together in true Liar’s fashion in order to find out.
Surprisingly though, it is how they do it.
Who would of thought the Liars would suck up their pride and haul out to Mona to ask her for her help, to find out what Ali is saying to the cops and why. At first Mona is unwilling to help but later after she calls a Code ‘A’ for her own little army that she assembled at the beggining of the season (that included the likes of Melissa and Jenna), however when she gets at the meeting spot no one is there but Parker and he explains why.
He tells Mona that Alison got to them, making Mona hi-tail her booty on out of there to the Liars, where she gives them intel and helps them, but she also shares with them her suspicions of Ali and who she thinks she is; on top of that she explains that Ali assembled the perfect team and no one could ever forget such a line.

“She assembled the perfect group. Smart, Loyal, Admiring and Compassionate” – Mona to the Liars.


This is explained as Ali’s game, and now she’s laying all her cards on the table… but is she? Are we sure that Alison Delaurentis is the one who has tormented these four girls and an entire town for 5 seasons? Well the evidence suggests so, but then we have been down this avenue before and been completely wrong.

So what else is there to do but find out? And so with Mona’s help they find out what Ali told the cops. Mona has some serious tech for a teenage girl too, but then so does Caleb and in doing so we all find out what was said. But now as Mona points out, it’s not the answers they should worry about, it’s the line of questioning which all comes back too… *drum roll for this not so surprising surprise* SPENCER HASTINGS!
Yes ladies and gentlemen, because of Ali’s lie detector test the police no longer find her a person of interest in Bethany Young’s murder (you know the girl they found burried in the Delaurentis backyard). Now this is overly flawed by a long shot and no one seems to be questioning why on earth the girl was buried in the same clothes as Alison? We know how Bethany got there (Melissa Hastings protecting Spencer – or so she thinks), but why was she dressed the same? It’s entirely impossible that the culprit knew what Ali would wear, that this person also carried around a spare set of clothes everytime they thought about it so… it has to be pre-meditated – it’s all part of the game in the PLL universe. So, now we have to question by who.

I had my suspicions and what with Ali assembling new friends and as Mona put it, ending the game she’s grown tired of, it had to be Ali. Mona discovers the truth (or so we are led to believe) as she leaves a voicemail for the liars after listening to the tapes they appropriately stole from Radley’s files on Bethany young (which was well executed by a bunch of teenagers no doubt). At this point a person in a hoody breaks into Mona’s house as they walk through the house the hood is removed but we do not see a face, only blonde hair styled like Ali’s – Ok maybe identical to Ali’s. The last scene we see is Mona talking to a mirror before she turns and gasps in shock horror.
Now the liars are at the coffee house and a few scenes back whilst on the phone to Spencer Toby’s truck got hit, to which led me to believe (And quite shockingly) that it would be Toby who died. That said at the coffee house Toby is present when Spencer gets arrested, and he has a cast on. So it is safe to say that he did not die, and that Spencer was not at the scene in which the episode opened up to because she as in fact in a cell. Leaving the only last possibility in the entire episode – Mona.
After recieving the voicemail on thanksgiving morning the remaining 3 liars and Ezra head on over to Mona’s house, the place is a mess but we don’t see the bedroom we only hear Hannah’s scream before the scene continues on from it’s original beginning.
People watch on, the street has a few people on it including Ali, she shows no sadness and no emotion, in fact it almost looks like she is enjoying the scene before her as she watches Mona’s mom scream and cry as a policeman announces that Mona is dead even without a body. It is easy to question whether she died at this point, but then in true PLL fashion there is an end scene of ‘A’ and we see inside the car which actually has a lifeless Mona corse inside after ”A’ kindly switches out the Field’s baby jesus for a doll of his/her own making.

With the entire episode in mind, it was done well, the acting was superb and it truly was an amazing storyline for all the characters involved. Now though there are lot’s of things most of us are dying to know, and we wonder if we will ever uncover the truth of ‘A’ and if in fact there will ever be just answers instead of more questions.

Mona in PLL.

Mona in PLL.

The Inbetweeners 2 (2014) Bigger, Badder and Down Under ***WARNING*** May contain spoilers and explicit content.

The Inbetweeners 2 Movie Poster.

The Inbetweeners 2 Movie Poster.

The Inbetweeners is a UK sensation, big on it’s crude humour and heavy slang it is by far one of the UK’s biggest comedy series ever, so when they get together to make a couple of movies you can’t help but get excited. Or in this case lose your knickers.

The first movie was amazing, seeing the four best friend Jay, Neil, Simon and Will jetting off on holiday to help Simon forget about his ex and long-time crush Carly who he has been in love with well… forever. Except simple Neil was left in charge on the destination and they ended up on the same holiday as her. It saw them all go from extreme to extreme to meeting the girls of their dreams and helping a borderline stalkerish Simon get over his blonde bombshell of an ex. It saw them returning in the end with new girlfriends and roll credits.

Fast forward to them now and they are all in Uni looking for adventure… well, except Jay who has gone to Australia for a gap year to find (in his words) some “Pussaaaaay”.
Anyone who watches the Inbetweeners will know exactly what Jay is like – he likes to exaggerate to the extreme and often his talk of girls is just that, he’s explicit and thinks mostly about the female anatomy and how to get into it. A cockney lad with plenty of vulgarity and then shockingly a softer side.

Jay sends an email to his friends who have just come back from a party – or the doorstep of a party. He tells them he’s making a mint (money), and that he’s got all the girls in the world at his feet… literally. So with that news Dopy Neil,the normally needy but not so much anymore Simon and the ever blunt Will head off on holiday to see their sex-crazed friend and to enjoy the outback and all it’s adventures.

When they arrive there however it is a completely different story, and cue in the first lie that Jay told as it all comes crumbling down. From there all the lies he told come crashing down around him and actually there is no mansion, no girls, and no partying he actually lives in a tent in his Uncle’s front garden. It turns out his uncle is also as vile as his father (i’m starting to think this is a family trait), and who could forget the hole in the ground that Jay may enjoy on occaision… or a lot. The foursome get into their usual dilemma’s and we find that really, they haven’t changed too much just enough.

Either way from there on out they go on an adventure bigger than the last, with Jay’s true intentions revealed and Simon’s crazy girlfriend from the first one ripping up his hoodies like a bunny boiler on heat, there is something for everyone in this movie.

It’s full of comedy genius, the laughing doesn’t stop even when the end credits roll and the on-screen chemistry of these four as best friends is undeniable and brilliant.
A British sensation of epic proportions.

I say take a holiday with these unlikey lads and give it the thumbs up repeatedly, but remember this movie comes with sexual references/ Plenty of nudity and crude humour.

The Purge: Anarchy (2014) Review

Who will survive the night of the Purge?

Who will survive the night of the Purge?

The Purge had taken to box office success, with it’s fantasy dystopian future and most expected a second instalment upon it’s success. However, little came prepared for the onslaught they would find when they watched the Purge: Anarchy.

Set in that same dystopian future, where the annual Purge helps people to liberate themselves and cleanse their souls of all hatefulness by committing crimes during a 12 hour window, in which all crime – including Murder – becomes legal; it is without a doubt that this be said that this makes the first one look like a mild slasher flick in comparison.
But now rather than in someones home, the movie goes beyond that and finds itself out on the downtown streets and in all the nooks and cranny’s that people wouldn’t believe possible. If you thought humanity was just flawed in this fantasy future, you clearly didn’t realise that this kitten turned into a gigantic beast.

There was always that element of violence to these movies, but this also becomes about an instinct to survive and five strangers (one couple, a mother and daughter and a rather strange man) are on the list of many as they fight to make it through the night alive. There are casualties, and never had I thought that this movie could surprise me the way it did but never the less it did, with a big fat O for a mouth as I watched on.
I wouldn’t say it has a scare factor, it can be jumpy at times and a little creepy with the face paint and the masks of a few that we see, but other than that this is about as scary as a puppy.
What it lacks in scare it makes up in storyline, and now it’s getting a little political. There is without a doubt, always call for some sort of change, whether it be in reality or in 2023 when the Purge is set, and those who aren’t happy take it to the ‘man’ so to speak, or in this case, the rich and wealthy; who are no doubt enjoying killing off the weak and the poor in this movie. It is the high society which pay thousands to purge and we see that side to it, the element that those with money can buy their cleansing rather than take to the streets, doing it safely inside their homes. Others bidding on their purges too, and with the face of the rebellion showing up it is without a doubt an anarchic war.

On a whole this movie is good, but be warned it is nothing like the first one. It takes the Purge to a whole new level.

Halfway To The Grave.

ISBN-10: 0575093773
ISBN-13: 978-0575093775
Number of Pages: 384
Available in: Paperback, ebook, audio.
Author: Jeaniene Frost
Mass Market paperback: October 2007

Halfway To The Grave Book Cover

Halfway To The Grave Book Cover


For a while I had lost hope in the franchise of vampire stories. There are so many about them being kind creatures, about them being anything but hungry. They are creatures of the night, considered dark forces and quite particularly evil. I don’t mind a slight tinge of humanity but then I don’t particularly like the pansy act; Which is what many are turning into. So when this landed on my desk with a thump I was quite surprised. I have not read a vampire book from cover to cover for a very long time.

Yes there is a love story here, but it’s not the main focus of the story in the slightest. There is so much more to this story than just someone falling in love and living happily ever after.

Cat Crawford is not your average human, and she is so easily mistaken as weak and little, but she is thirsty for blood; the blood of those who have wronged her mother and her, or in this case the life force of just anything that’s walking undead in the world.
She stalks her prey in nightclubs only to stumble upon the handsome Bones. She thinks he is just another kill, just another vampire but is sorely reminded that she is still a rookie in her world when she is taken by him.

She must find a way out and so she makes a deal with the ‘devil’ himself. She trains with him, learning about him and his kind, the full vampire is fast, agile and most definitely not a bit weak. Cat embarks on a journey, learning to fight them, after all Bones and her have a common enemy and must learn to work together despite her animosity towards his kind. Her back story is harsh and her mother has a tongue that whips like knives when it comes to the night monsters. What drives them together is their passion and need for the kill, to rid the earth of the creatures. Bones is more than just a tease though, he is old and strong and wise – also a little cheeky. They have a strong chemistry together and work well both in and out of the sack; then again who can resist such wonderful English charm?

Aside from the love story that dwindles in the background, it is safe to say that this book is spectacular, exciting and thrilling. Action packed right from the get go. Vengeance is clearly best served cold, or in this case deader than the undead. A possessive love story alongside a murderous combat filled extravaganza with plenty of unsuspecting corners turned. With plenty of added sex scenes to boot.

It is safe to say that Jeaniene Frost’ book breathed life back into the tales of the undead – with added darkside.

Edge and Back tease, Instagram and more.

The Edge and Back Teaser.

The Edge and Back Teaser.

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